Jewelry Design made in Capri

VozzaStore.pngVia Fuorlovado  can be ironically defined the “little shy sister” of Via Camerelle: central hub that connects the main square (the so called “Piazzetta”), world’s most glamorous “salotto”, to the residential area par excellence, from the time of Tiberius to nowadays.

Typical, authentic, but always  looking ahead, here during the last 10 years  stood out family Restaurant like Aurora, which has  recently been enriched by an elegant lounge bar, tailor brands like Farella or Isaia, and the Jewlery design “Grazia and Marica Vozza“, which owes its name to the talented twins of Capri, creators of jewelery and accessories one of a kind.

Just a few steps away, as a younger alternative, the brand “Finestre di Luce”, up with with the coolest trends,  an idea of Carolina, Grazia’s daughter , a fresh look, like the one of Carolina, but already recognizable and precise.

With its characteristic Moorish windows, Grazia and Marica Vozza, it’s much more than a store . It is an atelier: “A living room where we “snuggle” our customers. We focus our work primarily on human relationship, we know our customers very well and our first interest is to fulfill their creative desires. ” Say the sisters.

vozza.pngRegarding the brand identity: Grazia is the creative part of the company while Marica follows the commercial side. Carolina, instead,  takes care of  the  business “strategy”: “I love photography and fashion, when I think about our jewelery I want our style be distinctive. I like to play with the mix match of gold and silver  with the inclusion of freshwater pearls and precious stones. I would say that I am the synthesis of my mother and my aunt, I consider myself a creative mind but I’m also attracted by the world of marketing and that’s the reason why with my aunt and I are starting to work on the e-commerce of  Finestre di Luce, that will soon be online. “

jewel.pngMediterranean declined in Jewelry: “Our source of inspiration is first of all Capri, with its landscapes, lights, colors.”

During winter time, Grazia is used to go out for long walks surrounded by  nature and intimacy that the island boasts in “low season”. This allows her to fantasize and think of the pieces of the new collection.

A successful example of Made in Italy (or even better Made in Capri). Maniac about details, ready to meet the most demanding and extravagant requests. Can you briefly describe the techniques and processing phases of Vozza jewelry?


Most of our jewelry is designed by Grazia, and then created by our goldsmiths, while others are entirely made in our laboratories after buying the raw material such as ebony, ivory and amber.” Explains Marica: “Made in Italy for us is Love, Passion, and a touch of Originality. For us it is a guarantor of craftsmanship quality . ”

A brand that embodies a history of nearly two decades: can you tell us about its story?

“It all started in a small hidden shop in Via Li Campi where we were discovered by an American tourist (still one of our best customer) : she bought almost everything and put in a good word about our brand. Our clients are mainly  Americans: they are the biggest  fans of  made in Italy, handmade products and everything that is original on an island like Capri, which has always represented the wanton luxury. Talent, determination and luck led us to inaugurate the atelier in Via  Fuorlovado . We feel very well positioned in this area of ​​Capri, we are surrounded by many craftsmen. It is ‘the “bohemian” alternative to  Via Camerelle, it responds with elegance and craftsmanship to  the big names of fashion. “

Capri is an international window of incomparable prestige, which deserves space beyond its natural borders. And that is why  Vozza jewels have landed in the Big Apple: “Linda Fargo (store manager) discovered our store in 2010 and allowed us to sell our jewelry to Bergdorf & Goodman, exclusive luxury hot spot.”

Between Capri and New York, therefore, it only remains to choose where to shop!

AnnaChiara Della Corte

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