Spring is here, at The Royal Academy

royalAcademy.jpgSpring has arrived early at the Royal Academy of London: a triumph of Monet and his passion for gardens “blossomed” at a young age and “cultivated”( pardon the pun) until his last days in Giverny, for the exhibition “Painting the Modern garden”, inaugurated last January 30 and open until April 20th.

But the father of Impressionism was not the only one to adore green spaces: the exhibition brings together masterpieces by other great Masters such as: Renoir, Cezanne, Pissarro, Manet, Sargent, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Matisse, Klimt and Klee, presenting an overview of the garden from modern times to contemporary.

An ascending climax that never fails to make us shine eyes, bathed in the colour and light of more than 120 works.
A little far from  Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, ( jungle)  you will have  the privilege of strolling among the most sensual gardens ever portrayed,  the quiet (if you do not visit the exhibition at rush hour) and beauty. A unique opportunity to admire a sort of temporary London Orangerie .
monetIf in the “modern” section  the style is quite conformed to the Impressionist techniques, it is interesting that the same subject – the garden- is represented in so many different ways, almost contrasting, by contemporary authors. Just think of “the rose marble table” by Matisse, to notice the total de-structuralization of a natural element like the flower, or the Garden cottage of Klimt, whose recognizable pyramid shapes revoke the one of the most famous “kiss” of the twentieth century.matisse.jpg
Curated by Ann Dumas and William Robinson, the exhibition is studied in detail: juxtapositions of colors, subjects, including alternate sequences of poppies, roses, chrysanthemums, nymphs, and even a room with a real mini-greenhouse, circumscribed by manuals on gardening placed in elegant glass showcases.
gardenThe three-part panorama of water lilies reunited for the first time in decades at the end of this show is so overwhelming – magnificent. The bank has gone. All you see is water, flower, foliage, reflection, light, on and on, round and round. There is no up or down, no end to the beauty of these constellations of colour in liquid space and air. Monet’s garden is beautiful beyond measure: his field of vision is limitless.
A true oasis of peace  in the heart of the City, it would deserve a visit even just for this reason.




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